Flanigan Bilt Putters are tailored and designed classic putters that have a tremendous feel from a four inch putt, to a 35 foot fringe putt. We use high quality premium forged steel to meet all tolerances and exact measurements to give the best frequency to the hands while putting. This in return places the center of gravity in the optimal place on the face of the putter. Which provides forgiveness and feel that give you perfection towards distance control. We are the only company in the industry that make it a standard to balance each shaft. This adds consistency in feel which our main goal at Flanigan BiLT Putters.

Why you're missing putts

We researched and tested many of the top-selling putters on the market today. We found that a number of manufacturers’ sightlines (or dots) were not on the center of gravity of the putter.

The Golf Zone

Ken discusses how to select the right putter on Jimmy Hanlin's The Golf Zone.

2013 Golf Digest Hotlist

FB Series Awarded Selection to 2013 Hot List Issue.

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