Putter Fitting

     Flanigan BiLT has the only mobile SAM PUTTLAB (Science and Motion) in the State of Ohio. The Science and Motion (SAM) is an Ultra Sound Technology that analyzes 24 parameters of your putting stroke and is used widely on the PGA Tour.

Putting is both a science and an art (skill). At Flanigan BiLt Putters we believe that the science should be first. The reason science is first is because the mechanical characteristics of a putter, such as, loft, lie, length, etc... need to be properly fitted to the putting characteristics of each player. Thereby allowing the player to get the full potential out of the putter and to better enhance their putting skills.

Our putter Fittings main goal is to have you, the player, fitted correctly to your putter using our SAMS (Science and Motion) PUTTLAB which will enable us to determine your correct loft, lie, length, grip, head shape, and to improve your stroke characteristics. Before leaving you will understand how to correct your putting tendencies to improve your putting skills (art).

Putter Fitting $125.00

Please Call or email to Schedule a Putter Fitting

flanigan02@gmail.com           216-466-1953

(Golf Courses/Clubs please see Club Fitting Clinics)

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