Flanigan Bilt Putters


The goal of Flanigan Bilt Putters is to redesign classic putter shapes with increased feel and playability. We take the shapes that players have come to know and love and enhance them by selecting the best materials to go with improved design. Prior to designing and building his first putter, Ken Flanigan spent years collecting, examining, and testing the most popular and successful putters of the last fifty years. Our putters use premium carbon and stainless steels. Every Flanigan Bilt Putter is designed to move the center of gravity into the optimal position for that style of putter and, unlike some other premium putters on the market today, our alignment dots and lines are always directly on the center of gravity of our putters. It is this attention to both the art and the science of putting that gives Flanigan Bilt Putters superior feel and playability.

The putter has always been set apart from the rest of the clubs both in function and frequency of use. When a player finds a putter they like, they may use it for years or even decades. Look at the PGA tour and you’ll find the only guys that frequently switch putters are the ones who are struggling with the flat stick. At Flanigan Bilt Putters our putter design is not driven by a marketing strategy that revolves around coming up with a new gimmick, design, or color scheme each year to make you feel you need a new putter. Rather, we produce putters that you’ll want to have a long-term relationship with - putters that will allow you to build unparalleled feel and a consistent stroke. More importantly, you will have the confidence to drop putts, whether it is from 4 feet or 40 feet.


Additional Services

Golf Club Services

In addition to producing putters, Ken also refinishes and re-grooves irons and wedges. Plating options include: black chrome, nickel, gun metal, and black oxide. We also repair, refinish, and offer adjustments to any brand of putter. This includes refinishing as well as custom paint fill and stamping.

  1. Strip and polish out dings (as much as possible without taking too much weight away), reblue and put back in same shaft and grip. ($75.00)
  2. Mill face, strip and polish out dings (as much as possible without taking too much weight away), reblue and put in new shaft and grip. This would also include making the shaft the desired length as well as adjust lie and loft of the putter to your desired specs. ($125.00)
  3. Strip polish out dings, reblue and put on new grip. ($75.00)
  4. Face mill, strip and polish, completely refurbish (as much as possible without taking too much weight away) and add initials or name. ($135.00)
  5. Add site lines ($20.00)
  6. Hand stamping name (up to 7 letters) - cavity only ($25.00)
  7. Hand stamping initials ($20.00)
  8. Adding a milled cherry bomb ($40.00)
  9. Frost finish - for glare ($25.00)
  10. Neck welding ($85.00)

Putter Fitting & Lessons


Using a high-speed camera and a TOMI system, Ken will analyze your stroke and provide you with immediate feedback for the purpose of instruction or putter fitting. Our mobile lab allows Ken to come to your location, provide an evaluation, and adjust your putter on the spot if necessary.

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